Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Want To Clear Some Things up....

Seems to be running into a issue with people badmouthing me and my book on Amazon only cause they don't understand it. I hear people talking about me as a author and I if you don't know me or what I did to get this book published then there is no need to open your mouth about me. I was always told you have nothing nice to say about a person say nothing at all.

Another issue is people assume my book was not edited it was, as well as I put out money for the cover as well. If the reason people hate my grammar is because I used alot of "Ya'll's" in the book. The girl is from North Carolina, which is how we speak. I felt taking that from her would have been a mistake because that would be like taking her from her heritage and how she grew up.

Another thing is people talk about I don't know the climate or landscape of California or North Carolina, well obviously neither do they because I know my state through and through and I lived in Southern California for almost a year. So if anyone has any questions about my book please let me know here or email me.

I do know there will be good reviews and bad reviews not everyone is going to like it. I do however wish people would take notice that this is a young adult book and if there is any grammar issues then most teenagers won't care as much about it. So keep in mind if you are an adult and choose to read my book over look the common mistakes if you see them because its not for your age group.

I also don't have quotations in my book but I did this in a form I have seen in other young adult books so don't down how I did it when I only did what I have seen in other young adult best sellers even. I hope this clears up any issues people question about.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Whats Going On Now Days

I know its been awhile since I have posted a lot has been going on here and sadly I got set back on getting my book turned to book form right now but at least I made my very first sale on my book about a week ago so I'm very happy about that. I'm trying to line up some more reviews as well so others can tell ya'll what they think. I will come and go on this page of course but I always answer any emails if you have questions. Just wanted to update everyone on whats going on so far thanks to all that are following me here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Things Being Complicated

I'm sorry for not posting before now just been caught up with hurricane Irene and all and we lost power here for awhile. I'm still selling my book on ebook although due to funds with hurricane Irene I won't have my book in paperback form for a little while now. But it can be purchased on Ebook on Amazon. i will be updating my buy it section although I still can't find anything that makes it easy to buy right from my blog you will still have to go to amazon to purchase it. Its only $2.99 and you can get it on kindle, pc, or phones and such I'm told. Enjoy and I will keep ya'll updated on if anything else changes.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its Official

Its official my book is on sale on the kindle now I'm in the process of tryin to get it setup here on my blog so its one click touch. Ran into the problem of seems how Amazon Associates doesn't let people in NC signup let alone Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois,or Rhode Island. Thats crazy but still working on another way to offer it to ya'll. In the works of getting my back spine and cover made and going and signing up on CreateSpace and getting book form as well. As of right now you have to go HERE to purchase it.

My Book Cover...Done!

I finally have the right book cover just the way I envisioned and wanted. I want to share with you the few that were done first I loved everything upfront but the name font so here were my first choices.

Then after going through all these I suggested one font I knew very well and walla my book cover was born. Thanks to working with a great woman named Renee from The Cover Counts I have a beautiful cover to fit my great book. Renee was such a pleasure to work with and all I needed to do was talk to her on the phone the first day and she saw the vision of what i wanted and put this cover together and it was perfect from the start. She is also not over priced like alot I have seen $95 and then I had to pay for the specific stock pics which was $15 so I should now have my book up for sale in the next couple days in ebook form so stay tuned.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Setting Up The Last Few Things

After working hard to get my book ready for this week it is long over due in my eyes. Don't anyway tell you its easy. It took me 4 days to write my book a month to edit it and get it just where I want it and get the book cover I want made. In that month or so I have been doing this its been all work no play.

I originally was going to use Scribus but I can tell you after trying to play with it, its pretty hard and talks in riddles. All the numbers kind of blur together to me. So I read over CreateSpace and it tells you to use Microsoft Word. I don't have the money for that so I got Open Office and did it on that. It took me 4 hours yesterday to, setting everything up for my pdf file.

After 4 hours I'm proud to say my book is in the format of a 5.25 X 8 my margins are set at

inside .75 and outside is .25 for the bleed over.

Here is how to setup your book format with Microsoft Word although it varies which version you use and with Open Office you right click on the page and scroll down to page and setup margins and stuff there. It even lets you mirror the book format like on word.

Microsoft Word Setup

Then convert to PDF

I'm not sure if either work without having an account with them to read that but its free to have an account and you don't have to post anything just to learn and read their site.

This below gives you info on what your margins should be set at for different size book. I have 186 pages so you will see what I needed. It looks nicer to go ahead and do the bleed over pages so you know you shouldn't have any issues upfront.

Interior PDF of Your Book Info

I will tell you most of my help I got from CreateSpace so just get on their and read, read, read. It is a lot of easier though than I thought it would be the most stressful was editing I have to say after doing all the rest.

First Look At My Synopsis

"Forever Taken"

Embark on an adventure with Veronica. She is raised in a small town in North Carolina. Explore with her to California, to follow her dreams in acting and romance.

She will embark on a journey into learning love, passion, heartbreak, and how life really works. She will have to choose between a guy who she thinks is her prince charming and one who is not.

Who will Veronica choose? What's her destined path? Will she have realized the right guy for her before its too late, or will his heart be closed forever.


This is my teaser what my upcoming book is about hope it peaks your interest.

Facebook & Twitter

Its official I have a facebook and twitter page as a author now please stop by and follow me I will try to follow back as many who follow me thanks for the support...

Hope to see you their.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caught Up, Almost Ready!

Its getting so close these days just trying to finish up a couple lose strings and I will be officially a published author. That is where my dream just begins and I can't wait to take this journey. A little set back with being sick but now better I'm on my way again. I have finally finished my full edit and even changed things along the way. No one tells you the publishing part has to be the hardest part of a self published author but it is.

I thought all I had to do was write my book and that was it but when you do your own publishing, you have to write the book, then you have to edit, and if you you decide to get a book cover done you have to pay to have that done. Then you have to set up the interior of your book then after its published you still need to market. I can fully say though I have put my blood, sweat, and tears along with many hours into my master piece.

If I had to do it again though, I do have to say its been a learning experience that I would never take back. I just can't wait for people to read what I have poured my heart into. The dream of seeing my book with my name on it is so close to reality now which means so much. I'm paying for my book cover tomorrow and I just can't wait because then I will start processing my book into CreateSpace, and Amazon Kindle form.

All I have left to do today is finish writing my synopsis, which I promise you is harder than I thought. Then I have put my writing into a book format and I will be ready. I have learned though power words is a must in your synopsis and jsut trying to word it just right is what I'm struggling with. I know you have to think like a publisher and not a author so it does get a bit confusing.

I will be setting up my facebook and twitter sometime today I know that and I hope ya'll do follow me their as well. I hope any of my experiences help someone along the way. This is a journey for me that I have learned from so many people and reading so much online. When I have my book published I plan on listing things, and sites that have helped me along the way and hope ya'll can find comfort and help in all I have used.

I think copyright is the biggest thing I worry about because I know its covered from the first time you write it but then I get scared someone could take it away from me and I just don't think I could deal with that. So many self published authors told me I don't need it, they don't but still scared its my baby.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Think I Found What I Need

I think I have finally found what I needed thanks to some people over on gather helping me out. I can't afford anything at this time more than what I'm paying so when someone told me about Scribus I went over to check it out. It seems like a fairly descent program that will get the job done. Right now I'm scanning over and putting the proof reads into my draft on the computer making it perfect before starting to put into book form in scribus. I will update ya'll more later after actually using the program. Other than that everything bases around next month hopefully by the 7th or 8th I will have the ebook ready to go.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Frustration

Another frustration... I now have almost all the money needed to pay for my book cover which is great then I was looking over CreateSpace and know I need a interior done as well. I guess I always seemed you send the pdf file and it sorts it for you but this isn't the case you either do it yourself or you pay someone to do it. I really can't afford to pay someone since doing the graphic designer for the cover and all.

So I have been told I can do the interior on Word which is great but I don't have it on my computer and when I went to go see where I could get it I found that its a paid program that cost almost $200 can't afford that either. Same goes for Adobe InDesign which was the other program I was told about and if I remember right its almost $500. Now I'm left back at the beginning again and not sure what I'm going to do and don't know where to start.

It is funny because I always knew I was a writer just waited for a good time in my life to write a book. But I never knew how much went into self publishing this is so hard and sites talk in such riddles. I never did finish school so I feel stupid asking for help but not sure what to do at this point. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Cover Almost Done

My mom finally finished proof reading my book today and she said she loved it and she hardly ever reads anything but mystery and sci fi books so that is the biggest compliment. Me and my graphic designer tonight went over book covers and its weird I guess I thought it would take a month or so to get what I needed but she hit the nail on the head the first picture she sent we just had to make a small few changes mostly in the writing and its done. Now I just got to purchase the pics which are stock photos and we will be on our way. From what I have learned a graphic designer that can't show you ideas along the way before payment isn't worth having. She is keeping me in every step and I love that. Also stock photos I have learned are the way to go cause you can use them instantly even if you do purchase them. Now mine are going to cost me $15 for two images but if your more specific of what your looking for like I was sometimes you have to pay a little more on sites that have it. Anyways I'm off to sweet dreams but I can't wait to get this done and ready to go. Been reading over CreateSpace am so lost though on the formats and all. Too tired to think so will read over it again tomorrow night.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Great News!!!

Well today started out pretty bad but turned out to be a great day. I spent the day reading up on things with ebooks and the covers and stuff. Found out if I went with a graphic designer I would probably need a stock photo or a couple compared to just using any old picture off the internet unless I got permission from the photographer which can take a bit of time. Well after that I found several graphic designers that I decided to email because they were in a descent price range. Well they all seemed great but one woman went far and beyond and helped me with things I didn't even know about in the blogging world. So because of this she is the one I chose to work wiht. I really do believe what I read online today you just got to click with your artist and me and her did she has a great personality. Later on I will reveal her name if she says its ok but I'm so happy now I have someone who is going to help me in this process. Now some more lose ends to tie up and I'm on my way to publishing my first book. :)

A Little Bit Frustrated!

I think I have hit the most frustrated goal into getting my book published so far. This is finding someone to do my book cover. Although right now it will be just a front cover mainly because I'm only going for the ebook cover but if done right when its time to actually publish a printed book I want to go with the same artist or graphic artist. I have several people I'm talking to waiting for rough drafts and just one of the pictures of a rough draft I got back tonight was a joke and not only were they way out of price range but horrible. I try not too be too demanding but I want it to look good too enough where someone would actually pick up my book and buy it not that they would look at it and laugh. So far this has been the biggest struggle because my mom is proof reading the book for me she is really good in English thankfully. I wrote the book and soon as she is done I will make all adjustments and I have 2 weeks to do that to get it copyrighted. Then the only hold back is the cover still and I was hoping I had someone in mind for the graphics even if it took me the month of August to get the money together then although maybe it wouldn't be out in early September but maybe at latest late September early October. At this point just plain frustrated hope my search gets better. If you do book covers please drop me a line cause I'm still looking for the right thing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Self Publishing Journey Has Begun

This has been a day I have been waiting for with my first book coming out. I can't wait for others to get a chance to read my work. I have worked really hard on this book. I have two weeks to go before I get it copyrighted. I wrote this book in 4 days but it just flowed out of me. Now I'm waiting on getting paid from a online site I do emails with and I will have my copyright money by the first of the month I can't wait. Sadly I wanted to get books made right away but didn't realize ISBN's cost so much so for now gonna go the route of doing ebook and audio book online til I can get the money saved up to make some paper back books. This is going to be a journey for me but I'm just along for the ride. Hope ya'll stay tuned and get to take this ride with me.


I'm still working on this blog to get it right feel free to go ahead and follow but my social networking buttons are connected yet but you can follow, subscribe by reader or email thats it for now I will keep ya'll updated.

Welcome To My Journey

Welcome to my blog. I'm a beginning writer and I want to share with everyone my progress of becoming a self published writer. Soon you will be able to purchase my ebook and a chance to buy a audio book if you choose that way too. I base more in the young adult fiction genre but from what I have seen from family and friends my writings are great for all ages. I also write poetry which I will share as well along the way. Keep checking back and subscribe to keep up with my journey and the day my ebook comes out. Thanks again for stopping by. Feel free to leave me a message as well.

About Me

Hi I'm Danyale Nees a self published author on a journey to be a well known best selling author. Everyone has to start somewhere so here is my somewhere. I love to write always have since I was real young. For many years I wrote nothing but poetry. Just recently in my life I felt I was finally ready to start my journey further. I will be 30 in September and for once I'm happy I will be. I feel more ready than I have ever been ready. I feel more alive and want to share with others my books, and imagination. My genre reaches alot of people in alot of age groups although I write Young Adult Fiction more than anything. I don't sugar coat my books I want some realness to it although in the future I may dab in it a bit. I'm born and raised in North Carolina. I have no kids but have amazing fur babies 2 cats and a dog. Libby, & Gage are my cats that are inspiration it themselves. Lulu my dog is a sweetheart as well. I do hope you will check back often to get to know me and my writings and hope you take a chance and purchase my book when its ready. My pic is below and maybe later I will share pics of the family and pets as well.

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My Inspirations

I will list different books and authors and such here that have inspired me along the way. The ones who inspired me to write and the one's who gave me ideas for the books I wrote whatever book it may be.

Some of my all time favorite authors who inspired me the most would be the following list.

Christopher Pike
Stephanie Myers
Anne Rice
R.L. Stine
Stephen King

Although those are my inspirations as being a author my biggest inspirations start at home. My mom and husband have always believed in me and stood by me. So have a few close friends and they are the best thing to have ever happen to me.

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I'm happy to announce my first review comes from Amanda over at My Life With Rats And More I want to thank her for taking the time to read my book.
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My Life With Rats and More

Here is a review from Angie who did a great job in her review as well

Another great Review from Melissa she did a great job

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