Monday, August 15, 2011

Setting Up The Last Few Things

After working hard to get my book ready for this week it is long over due in my eyes. Don't anyway tell you its easy. It took me 4 days to write my book a month to edit it and get it just where I want it and get the book cover I want made. In that month or so I have been doing this its been all work no play.

I originally was going to use Scribus but I can tell you after trying to play with it, its pretty hard and talks in riddles. All the numbers kind of blur together to me. So I read over CreateSpace and it tells you to use Microsoft Word. I don't have the money for that so I got Open Office and did it on that. It took me 4 hours yesterday to, setting everything up for my pdf file.

After 4 hours I'm proud to say my book is in the format of a 5.25 X 8 my margins are set at

inside .75 and outside is .25 for the bleed over.

Here is how to setup your book format with Microsoft Word although it varies which version you use and with Open Office you right click on the page and scroll down to page and setup margins and stuff there. It even lets you mirror the book format like on word.

Microsoft Word Setup

Then convert to PDF

I'm not sure if either work without having an account with them to read that but its free to have an account and you don't have to post anything just to learn and read their site.

This below gives you info on what your margins should be set at for different size book. I have 186 pages so you will see what I needed. It looks nicer to go ahead and do the bleed over pages so you know you shouldn't have any issues upfront.

Interior PDF of Your Book Info

I will tell you most of my help I got from CreateSpace so just get on their and read, read, read. It is a lot of easier though than I thought it would be the most stressful was editing I have to say after doing all the rest.

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