Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Book Cover...Done!

I finally have the right book cover just the way I envisioned and wanted. I want to share with you the few that were done first I loved everything upfront but the name font so here were my first choices.

Then after going through all these I suggested one font I knew very well and walla my book cover was born. Thanks to working with a great woman named Renee from The Cover Counts I have a beautiful cover to fit my great book. Renee was such a pleasure to work with and all I needed to do was talk to her on the phone the first day and she saw the vision of what i wanted and put this cover together and it was perfect from the start. She is also not over priced like alot I have seen $95 and then I had to pay for the specific stock pics which was $15 so I should now have my book up for sale in the next couple days in ebook form so stay tuned.

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