Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whats In Store For The Future

I have got so many ideas flowing in my head right now of future books but for now I'm working on my poetry the most these days and hope to get a poetry book published this year. Although I may not be the best speller as far as book writing goes I have won awards from my poetry and when I get it put out this year I really hope ya'll check it out. I do mostly love and heartbreak poems mainly based on things I have felt I write down. Poetry is where it all started for me and have been writing poetry since I was 13yrs old. Please keep checking back about it. As far as I have learned a lot from putting my first book out so many have even told me they liked the story just my punctuation and stuff was so off so I plan to finish getting my GED and then go and take a few English courses as well as get a better editor behind me so when I need things edited right so the next book I put out is cleaner and a lot better. Now everyone keep in mind I do young adult books and will probably continue to do them as well. This doesn't mean adults won't like them it just means my biggest audience outreach will be from at least 14 to 20 yrs old. I just wanted to inform ya'll of whats going on thanks for checking out my blog.