Sunday, July 17, 2011

Self Publishing Journey Has Begun

This has been a day I have been waiting for with my first book coming out. I can't wait for others to get a chance to read my work. I have worked really hard on this book. I have two weeks to go before I get it copyrighted. I wrote this book in 4 days but it just flowed out of me. Now I'm waiting on getting paid from a online site I do emails with and I will have my copyright money by the first of the month I can't wait. Sadly I wanted to get books made right away but didn't realize ISBN's cost so much so for now gonna go the route of doing ebook and audio book online til I can get the money saved up to make some paper back books. This is going to be a journey for me but I'm just along for the ride. Hope ya'll stay tuned and get to take this ride with me.

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