Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Bit Frustrated!

I think I have hit the most frustrated goal into getting my book published so far. This is finding someone to do my book cover. Although right now it will be just a front cover mainly because I'm only going for the ebook cover but if done right when its time to actually publish a printed book I want to go with the same artist or graphic artist. I have several people I'm talking to waiting for rough drafts and just one of the pictures of a rough draft I got back tonight was a joke and not only were they way out of price range but horrible. I try not too be too demanding but I want it to look good too enough where someone would actually pick up my book and buy it not that they would look at it and laugh. So far this has been the biggest struggle because my mom is proof reading the book for me she is really good in English thankfully. I wrote the book and soon as she is done I will make all adjustments and I have 2 weeks to do that to get it copyrighted. Then the only hold back is the cover still and I was hoping I had someone in mind for the graphics even if it took me the month of August to get the money together then although maybe it wouldn't be out in early September but maybe at latest late September early October. At this point just plain frustrated hope my search gets better. If you do book covers please drop me a line cause I'm still looking for the right thing.

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