Monday, July 18, 2011

Great News!!!

Well today started out pretty bad but turned out to be a great day. I spent the day reading up on things with ebooks and the covers and stuff. Found out if I went with a graphic designer I would probably need a stock photo or a couple compared to just using any old picture off the internet unless I got permission from the photographer which can take a bit of time. Well after that I found several graphic designers that I decided to email because they were in a descent price range. Well they all seemed great but one woman went far and beyond and helped me with things I didn't even know about in the blogging world. So because of this she is the one I chose to work wiht. I really do believe what I read online today you just got to click with your artist and me and her did she has a great personality. Later on I will reveal her name if she says its ok but I'm so happy now I have someone who is going to help me in this process. Now some more lose ends to tie up and I'm on my way to publishing my first book. :)

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