Sunday, July 17, 2011

About Me

Hi I'm Danyale Nees a self published author on a journey to be a well known best selling author. Everyone has to start somewhere so here is my somewhere. I love to write always have since I was real young. For many years I wrote nothing but poetry. Just recently in my life I felt I was finally ready to start my journey further. I will be 30 in September and for once I'm happy I will be. I feel more ready than I have ever been ready. I feel more alive and want to share with others my books, and imagination. My genre reaches alot of people in alot of age groups although I write Young Adult Fiction more than anything. I don't sugar coat my books I want some realness to it although in the future I may dab in it a bit. I'm born and raised in North Carolina. I have no kids but have amazing fur babies 2 cats and a dog. Libby, & Gage are my cats that are inspiration it themselves. Lulu my dog is a sweetheart as well. I do hope you will check back often to get to know me and my writings and hope you take a chance and purchase my book when its ready. My pic is below and maybe later I will share pics of the family and pets as well.

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