Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its Official

Its official my book is on sale on the kindle now I'm in the process of tryin to get it setup here on my blog so its one click touch. Ran into the problem of seems how Amazon Associates doesn't let people in NC signup let alone Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois,or Rhode Island. Thats crazy but still working on another way to offer it to ya'll. In the works of getting my back spine and cover made and going and signing up on CreateSpace and getting book form as well. As of right now you have to go HERE to purchase it.

My Book Cover...Done!

I finally have the right book cover just the way I envisioned and wanted. I want to share with you the few that were done first I loved everything upfront but the name font so here were my first choices.

Then after going through all these I suggested one font I knew very well and walla my book cover was born. Thanks to working with a great woman named Renee from The Cover Counts I have a beautiful cover to fit my great book. Renee was such a pleasure to work with and all I needed to do was talk to her on the phone the first day and she saw the vision of what i wanted and put this cover together and it was perfect from the start. She is also not over priced like alot I have seen $95 and then I had to pay for the specific stock pics which was $15 so I should now have my book up for sale in the next couple days in ebook form so stay tuned.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Setting Up The Last Few Things

After working hard to get my book ready for this week it is long over due in my eyes. Don't anyway tell you its easy. It took me 4 days to write my book a month to edit it and get it just where I want it and get the book cover I want made. In that month or so I have been doing this its been all work no play.

I originally was going to use Scribus but I can tell you after trying to play with it, its pretty hard and talks in riddles. All the numbers kind of blur together to me. So I read over CreateSpace and it tells you to use Microsoft Word. I don't have the money for that so I got Open Office and did it on that. It took me 4 hours yesterday to, setting everything up for my pdf file.

After 4 hours I'm proud to say my book is in the format of a 5.25 X 8 my margins are set at

inside .75 and outside is .25 for the bleed over.

Here is how to setup your book format with Microsoft Word although it varies which version you use and with Open Office you right click on the page and scroll down to page and setup margins and stuff there. It even lets you mirror the book format like on word.

Microsoft Word Setup

Then convert to PDF

I'm not sure if either work without having an account with them to read that but its free to have an account and you don't have to post anything just to learn and read their site.

This below gives you info on what your margins should be set at for different size book. I have 186 pages so you will see what I needed. It looks nicer to go ahead and do the bleed over pages so you know you shouldn't have any issues upfront.

Interior PDF of Your Book Info

I will tell you most of my help I got from CreateSpace so just get on their and read, read, read. It is a lot of easier though than I thought it would be the most stressful was editing I have to say after doing all the rest.

First Look At My Synopsis

"Forever Taken"

Embark on an adventure with Veronica. She is raised in a small town in North Carolina. Explore with her to California, to follow her dreams in acting and romance.

She will embark on a journey into learning love, passion, heartbreak, and how life really works. She will have to choose between a guy who she thinks is her prince charming and one who is not.

Who will Veronica choose? What's her destined path? Will she have realized the right guy for her before its too late, or will his heart be closed forever.


This is my teaser what my upcoming book is about hope it peaks your interest.

Facebook & Twitter

Its official I have a facebook and twitter page as a author now please stop by and follow me I will try to follow back as many who follow me thanks for the support...

Hope to see you their.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caught Up, Almost Ready!

Its getting so close these days just trying to finish up a couple lose strings and I will be officially a published author. That is where my dream just begins and I can't wait to take this journey. A little set back with being sick but now better I'm on my way again. I have finally finished my full edit and even changed things along the way. No one tells you the publishing part has to be the hardest part of a self published author but it is.

I thought all I had to do was write my book and that was it but when you do your own publishing, you have to write the book, then you have to edit, and if you you decide to get a book cover done you have to pay to have that done. Then you have to set up the interior of your book then after its published you still need to market. I can fully say though I have put my blood, sweat, and tears along with many hours into my master piece.

If I had to do it again though, I do have to say its been a learning experience that I would never take back. I just can't wait for people to read what I have poured my heart into. The dream of seeing my book with my name on it is so close to reality now which means so much. I'm paying for my book cover tomorrow and I just can't wait because then I will start processing my book into CreateSpace, and Amazon Kindle form.

All I have left to do today is finish writing my synopsis, which I promise you is harder than I thought. Then I have put my writing into a book format and I will be ready. I have learned though power words is a must in your synopsis and jsut trying to word it just right is what I'm struggling with. I know you have to think like a publisher and not a author so it does get a bit confusing.

I will be setting up my facebook and twitter sometime today I know that and I hope ya'll do follow me their as well. I hope any of my experiences help someone along the way. This is a journey for me that I have learned from so many people and reading so much online. When I have my book published I plan on listing things, and sites that have helped me along the way and hope ya'll can find comfort and help in all I have used.

I think copyright is the biggest thing I worry about because I know its covered from the first time you write it but then I get scared someone could take it away from me and I just don't think I could deal with that. So many self published authors told me I don't need it, they don't but still scared its my baby.