Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Want To Clear Some Things up....

Seems to be running into a issue with people badmouthing me and my book on Amazon only cause they don't understand it. I hear people talking about me as a author and I if you don't know me or what I did to get this book published then there is no need to open your mouth about me. I was always told you have nothing nice to say about a person say nothing at all.

Another issue is people assume my book was not edited it was, as well as I put out money for the cover as well. If the reason people hate my grammar is because I used alot of "Ya'll's" in the book. The girl is from North Carolina, which is how we speak. I felt taking that from her would have been a mistake because that would be like taking her from her heritage and how she grew up.

Another thing is people talk about I don't know the climate or landscape of California or North Carolina, well obviously neither do they because I know my state through and through and I lived in Southern California for almost a year. So if anyone has any questions about my book please let me know here or email me.

I do know there will be good reviews and bad reviews not everyone is going to like it. I do however wish people would take notice that this is a young adult book and if there is any grammar issues then most teenagers won't care as much about it. So keep in mind if you are an adult and choose to read my book over look the common mistakes if you see them because its not for your age group.

I also don't have quotations in my book but I did this in a form I have seen in other young adult books so don't down how I did it when I only did what I have seen in other young adult best sellers even. I hope this clears up any issues people question about.


Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses said...

I have read plenty of books, of all types. I don't care about the use of "y'all", but it should have proper spelling. It was a train wreck. I don't know who you paid for editing, but I would get my money back if I was you. The book not having any quotations is extremely confusing. I think you should take this constructive critism and use it to your advantage. Oh also, why would you ask people to review your book and then throw a hissy fit when you don't like what they say? A book review is the honest opinion of the reader. No one will lie just to please the author or company.

Michelle said...

I have read hundreds of books. I have never read a book that did not use correct punctuation. It is not only your complete lack of quotation marks that is a problem, but the other commonly used punctuation marks are missing as well. No where in the description of your book have I seen any indication that it was written for young adults. I am sorry that you feel as if you have been attacked. A reviewer or casual commenter on Amazon has every right to give their honest opinion. I gave my honest opinion. I did not enjoy the format, the plot or the writing style of the book.
The cover was the best thing about it.

Escape Into Writings said...

@michelle actually it is placed in young adult area on amazon so therefor it is a young adult book. The way I did my book I have seen in other young adult books. I never said people don't have a right to down my book or whatever but there is no need to bash me like people atually know me jsut because of my book thats just a bit childish to act like I'm no better than dirt.

@kassandra well the word ya'll we spell and pronounce with lik that or yall either one although the proper way is ya'll. As far as editing guess I did get screwed and I have learned from this mistake to get a better editor that can fix my issues in spelling plus I plan to take a english course so in the long run this has worked out for the best.