Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Cover Almost Done

My mom finally finished proof reading my book today and she said she loved it and she hardly ever reads anything but mystery and sci fi books so that is the biggest compliment. Me and my graphic designer tonight went over book covers and its weird I guess I thought it would take a month or so to get what I needed but she hit the nail on the head the first picture she sent we just had to make a small few changes mostly in the writing and its done. Now I just got to purchase the pics which are stock photos and we will be on our way. From what I have learned a graphic designer that can't show you ideas along the way before payment isn't worth having. She is keeping me in every step and I love that. Also stock photos I have learned are the way to go cause you can use them instantly even if you do purchase them. Now mine are going to cost me $15 for two images but if your more specific of what your looking for like I was sometimes you have to pay a little more on sites that have it. Anyways I'm off to sweet dreams but I can't wait to get this done and ready to go. Been reading over CreateSpace am so lost though on the formats and all. Too tired to think so will read over it again tomorrow night.

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